No More Excuses!

Procrastination is a harmful habit. And this habit stops you to be what you were destined to be and to reach where you should have been.

We can give many genuine reasons, reasons enough to ignore something important. My reason for procrastinating has always been that I am making it faultless. Mostly I haven’t been able to achieve that goal.

Now I am determined to challenge myself. I dare myself to post #365posts in #365days. I had decided to post the number 1 on 28/01. I started to pen my thoughts. I edited it many times but could not make it postable.

So today I thought – "No More Excuses!" I will post already written a paragraph today with minimal modification.

There have been many people to accept similar challenges in the recent past. They were mostly on Facebook. Many have successfully completed their initiative and got much appreciation. SOME OF THEM CULTIVATED A HABIT OF CANDID WRITING. That is the invaluable take-away, I am aiming for.

It is a hugely hard task but I got to do it.

I am Neeraj Kumar and I am available as “knkayastha” everywhere. I am an internet marketer mostly doing Facebook and Google Ads advertisements. The journey has been very rocky and I constantly update and upgrade my knowledge and skills. Have been successful to generate Business Leads for travel, events, realty, security, and many more verticals.

So it is the end of today's post. Let's meet yesterday again.


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