You Are Not An Amitabh Bachchan

So you know a little bit about me. And you know that I could not stick to my plan and so have missed (probably) many opportunities. The reason being that I could not manage my time. It is not that I am LAZY or I do not want to DO IT.
One such regret is for not continueing my Hindi blog I started my Internet Journey for. 
Yes! I was into writing Hindi Poems and was searching for a platform where I can publish them. So I learned how to blog on and published all my poems there, made great friends and interacted with them regularly.
Someone found my blog and tracked all the activities I was doing to make it popular. He offered me the first internet marketing job.
After that I became busy managing my job, learning advance digital marketing and advertising techniques.
Life progressed but I started to ignore my hobby.
My blog became dead and all the followers became uninterested in my work. It was meant to happen. If we have to survive on Digital Platforms, we have to be consistant, interactive and empathetic.
You have to love your craft and give TIME to make it BIG. That is the only condition to be SUCCESSFUL.


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