Client consultant contract

In last one year, I have abandoned 13 old clients. And I suffered a lot.
Reason being I haven't made them sign a contract.
I was in dire need of work, so accepted the proposals which came in, which had the potential to be worked upon and the clients agreed to my fee structure. 
I did not make them sign any contracts. I charge a minimum monthly fee for every campaign up to a limit and then it becomes on a percentage basis. Generally, a client agrees. And projects start. 
Not having mutually agreed contracts start to make things complex and only I have to compromise if I have to retain the client.
What is the point of confusion and conflict?
😒 After some time, clients ask to add more campaigns and do not agree to consider it as a new contract. I became the campaign manager not of a campaign but of the business or that person. That's a huge loss.
πŸ˜‘ In the beginning, the client tells me that he wants growth and has a big budget if the campaign is profitable. So we agree on a discounted fee. But being a small business, it doesn't have infrastructure, manpower or resources. So the budget never increases. And my fee never increases to the said level.
😁Last issue of contention always is the date of payment. Often I agree to the company's policy regarding outward payment. Yet they fail to make the payment on time. 
So in 2018, I individually met all my clients and asked them to sign a contract. This contract has details of work to be done on my part, transparency of process and the approvals, deliverables and the payment terms.
3 clients just refused and went away. 
And the rest signed but after 2-3 days they started to delay payments. So I have to say them Good Bye, Good Luck!!!
On whichever stage of your consultancy journey you are, you have to be transparent, frank and firm from the first day of any business relationship. It will make your life easier. Signing a contract is always good for your professional health.
It needs your confidence and ability to deliver that you propose to have a client consultant contract.


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