I want you to DREAM BIG!

A word that often used in resumes.
A word you use to tell the world that you are going to get everything you wish and the others will envy.
A word I repeat in my mind to remember that I have to reach to A CERTAIN STATE OF CONTENTMENT.
Fair enough! We all must dream BIG.
I HATE that state- Let me have 2,000 followers because 2,00,000 I will never get.
Instead, I will love- Let me have 2000 follower first, then I will keep trying to get 2,00,000.
You disappoint me with I am going to buy a motorcycle because a car, I will never afford.
Why not say I am buying this motorcycle today and next in 2 years I will buy a car.
Simply I want to DREAM BIG. I want you to DREAM BIG. I want everyone to DREAM BIG.
YES, it is a reality that not everyone will get to the ULTIMATE. But having a positive mindset, having AMBITION in life, having a purposeful approach towards your goals is always better.
Only you are the reason why you reached nowhere. Only you are the excuse of why you are still at the same place or position in 2019.
THE CREDIT GOES TO ONLY YOU if you moved to a better place if you are a little bit wiser if you are little more popular if you have made some new friends...
With these positive words, I believe I made you happier. Ambition is not a SIN.


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