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Dump Your Dumb Boss!

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

There are only two types of boss, the third type is rare-
1. He will be all ears to you, but will do what he wants.
2. He will never listen to you.
And you wish you could dump him. You can't.
You can't dump your dumb boss. You will find another one.
Don't even dream your boss giving  importance to your advices. Even if he likes something, he will never give the credit to you.
He is a boss, and there is a reason that he is the boss. He may seem like a dumb fellow to you.
Actually it is his strength. He can filter noises. He can shut his ears whenever he wants.
And he is a risk taker. He only trusts his knowledge, intuitions and understanding till he fails.
Boss never likes to take, he likes giving.
Let him fail. Let him feel failed.
Then offer your help.
Help him not like helping. Help as it is your duty.
If you do that successfully, he will give you permission to do his work. And he will give you a promotion and a raise.
And you will give up the idea of DUMPING YOUR DUMB BOSS.
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