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Habit of Selecting Voices In, Filtering Out noises.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

There is noise. Everywhere.
You hear it all time.
Even if you are sleeping.
It enters into your ears. At last it stays in your mind.
It resounds. It trumpets. It keeps on knocking on your mind from inside.
That destroys your peace of mind. You are restless. Your are scared. You become insomniac.
Because most noises are negative. Most voices are pessimistic. Most voices are discouraging.
There are very few voices or noises which are pleasant, which are soft, which are happy, which are friendly, which are encouraging, which are good.
Because you let every voice around you seep into your mind. You hear everything.
Practice filtering noises, practice filtering voices.
Don't let the bad noises in.
Select the voices which enter into your ears and stay in you.
That will make your days, and nights, and life peaceful, happy and easy.
As one monkey of Gandhi ji says- 'बुरा मत सुनो।'
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