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'HELP' is an over-used and over-rated PITCHING word.

Friday, February 22, 2019

For me, 'HELP' is an over-used and over-rated PITCHING word.
It has lost its meaning as an arbitrary and generous act of assisting or uplifting.
We were taught that we should help anyone in trouble, in need without a want of getting paid.
I offered such HELP many a times in life.
A lady was going to the bus stop lifting heavy travel bags in her both hands, I helped her by carrying those weight to the bus.
A blind person was hesitating to cross the road, I helped him holding his hand and walking across the road.
Some classmates have always trouble understanding the patterns of Textile Designs, I helped them by explaining the methods of marking those patterns the graph papers.
And I also got such HELPs from different people.
Neither I nor them ever asked for any payments in return.
Now HELP has been commercialized. Every professional, every company offers you HELP.
Every product helps you in doing something and by selling that product to you is also a help by a salesperson to you.😊
Every service is a help
➡️ Help to learn
➡️ Help to understand
➡️ Help to achieve
➡️ Help to enjoy your tour
➡️ Help to become a millionaire
➡️ Help to grow your business

I am pissed off of that ###ing word... No business help anyone...
It provides...
It assists...
It partners with...
It works for...
It sells...
It does...