not preaching SATISFACTION or CONTENTMENT | #21 of #365postsin365days

Disappointed?!!! Why?
Saddened!!! What for?
One of the most basic teachings of The Gita is- "You come in this world with nothing, there is no reason you should be disappointed with not having something others have, not achieving something others achieved."
I am against the feelings of defeat, failure, underperformance...
Those feelings murder you and your happiness, your zeal to fight against adversity, your want to succeed, your belief in your capabilities...
Take every defeats, failures, underperformances as new challenges. Everytime you fail, improve your method and do the same thing in a better, new way.
Being happy should be your habit, being happy should be in your nature.
Someone said- "not every door is a locked one." You need to knock, you need to push, you need to break...
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