Restucturing is a necessity of life

Even if everything is good, changes are inevitable. 
Time change, priorities change, goals change... We cannot wait changes to happen. We have to make changes.
You cannot stuck to a position. There is no dead end of personal or professional journey.
There is no ultimate goal, according to me. You achieve one goal, then you think of another goal. You solidify one relationship, then your needs change and you make other relationships.
We have to restructure our life. You change your thought process, you makes adjustment to suit the plan or decision. That is life.
Once a hoarder of money, fed up of the life that is based on profit, income, possessions and properties, donates everything for a higher cause. Goal changed.
Such is the life. You have to accept this. Change is inevitable and there should not be any regret that you have give up many things time and time again.
I know I am being philosophical. There are reasons of this state.
Good night. And best of luck to all you are in the middle of a journey and to all who have completed one journey and sorting its belonging and packing new things to go out for another.

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