We are Indians. I am an Indian.
I take pride in teaching a lesson to a country which cannot restrain the sprouting of ani-peace elements on its soil.
But we are human, too and always been respected to worship humanity.
We are strong and we are not coward, yet we love PEACE and we preach humanity and brotherhood.
It is good to give befitting reply to the enemy of our nation. And we did it yesterday morning. I salute our brave soldiers and the strategists of that operation.
I NEVER express my love to my nation. Or the hate for the terrorists.
This time, I am writing .
I saw frenzy of nationalism.
I saw the destroyed face of our soldier pilot captured in Pakistan.
That is not a feeling of achievement. Not an event to be proud of.
We know that the talk will not going to solve the problem. The demonic rise of terrorism cannot be reined by a talk.
But the war, a full fledged war is also not a solution. That I believe.
Can even an atom bomb help humanity to win over inhumanity???
Do the sacrifices of our soldiers will delete a country, heaven for terrorists, from the world for good?
Can we erase the devils of the modern world by lossing some, some thousands or some lakhs noble, good hearted souls?
These questions dwells upon my mind.
And what about that soldier performing his duty to save the honour of his motherland!!!
If the war is inevitable, be ready to see many such loved ones deformed, demoralized.
War is ugly.
War is cruel.
War is 'we are ruined'.
Punish the bad, punish them hard, punish their masters.
Save the sanity. Save the humanity.

मानव सा महान मेरा राष्ट्र रहे।

भारत भाल भाग्य बसे,
सागर सा अतल अकार रहे,
निखर प्रखर प्रकाश स्तम्भ,
संसार शिखर पर सदा रहे।
नीरज-नयन नमित मन,
जन जीवन यहाँ खुशहाल रहे,
माटी से मेहनत, पर्वत से पौरुष,
नदियों का संगम आध्यात्म रहे।
संकल्प समस्त समभाव का,
सदियों की धरोहर सिरोधार्य रहे,
नीति कृष्ण की गीता महाभारत,
ह्रदय में हमारे रामायण रहे।
धन की धारा संतोष शांत,
धर्म धरा का अहिंसक बलवान,
गंगा गाँधी अगिनत गुणवान 
मानव सा महान मेरा राष्ट्र रहे।

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