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I Said - "NO".

Yesterday I talked to someone who set up an e-commerce website recently. He responded to my advertisement but asked me whether I would teach and train him to run Facebook Advertisement to get sales.

I said no.

One, because I am not a teacher. I am a consultant.

Two, because I think he is on a wrong path.

√He said he is a start-up. That is so nice.

×He said he has no money to hire a consultant. That is so disappointing.

If you want to setup a business, you at least have some knowledge and planning based on that knowledge to survive and grow.

If you want to learn the marketing and digital marketing, you should not hire a consultant.

You should go and learn it from some trainer.

Or you should study online

And then practice those learning in your business.

Practice. Fail. Learn. Test. Fail.
Are you ready for such success?
Are you ready for such failures?
I learnt to say "NO" to such leads because I know my limits.
I am not ready for such failures.
Moreover I have every right to choose my clients.

My Name is Neeraj Kumar and I work as Digital Marketing Consultant. Let's write new digital marketing stories. Technical by Education | Artistic by Hobby | Like to beautify words, work and ultimately world.
For internet, I am knkayastha, all my profile links have knkayastha. KNKAYASTHA means Kumar Neeraj Kayastha.

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