009 Hard questions to be answered before starting a freelancing career

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Freelancing is a new style of working. And so many youngsters are attracted to this option for obvious reasons.

I think only 5% percent will survive in the long run.
The most attractive facet of freelancing is the freedom from the discipline of office rules. Here you are the boss of yourself.

So the question arises-
1. Are you disciplined enough to boss yourself?
If not, you will deviate in no time.
It is human nature that they prolong or procrastinate. You need a deadline and somebody who pressurize you to meet it.

2. Can you rein in your wandering mind?
If not, you will start planning new more shining businesses rather than stick to your day-plan.
Our mind is fickle. You start daydreaming. Or you start doing repetitive works.

3. Are you self reliant for learning new and advanced tricks of your field?
We err here generally.
You need to upgrade and enhance your knowledge and skills related to your work field. You must have aptitude and attitude to learn by exploring, testing and experimenting. Because you may not have any senior and experienced person to approach. 

4. Do you have a network who can support you to solve a random professional problem?
If not, you are in trouble. 
Because you don't have team-members with different skill sets. You will need the (paid or free) help from peoples for different work.

5. Is the atmosphere in your house supportive?
If not, you will certainly fail. 
Doing freelancing is not considered full-time work in many houses. We are grown that way. You have to firmly tell your family members that you are not available 24x7 to help them in the domestic chores or to greet and entertain random guests.

6. Can you bear the uncertainty of monthly income?
If no, you have to first prepare yourself. The best thing about a job is the fixed monthly salary. Doing a freelancing or work-from-home comes with the uncertainty. Some days you will earn more, some days you will get less and some days will get nothing. Be prepared for this uncertainties.

7. Are you qualified or trained sufficiently to work independently?
If not, you will suffer failure many times.
In a job, you work in a disciplined environment, you learn to handle people professionally, you experience various facets of a business, you work on different types of projects, etc. As a freelancer, you have to do everything yourself. You do not only do the main work, but you also do marketing, management and relationship building. That makes your work tougher. You may not be able to get large, more profitable projects often. 

8. Do you have a long term plan for the profession or business you are starting independently?
You should have, otherwise, you will be out of the market.
Every business has a growth plan and a marketing plan, and an investment plan, and a survival plan. Freelancing is a business, not a profession. So you must have a plan. Will you always be doing freelancing? Will you provide the same service forever? How many work or projects will you handle at a time? Who will be your target clients or customers? Will you upgrade your services and your fee structure? 

9. Do you understand the pros and cons of freelancing?
Freelancing is no doubt a good career option. 
You are the master. You are the manager. You are the marketer. You are the customer care. 
You only spend as much time as the work needs. 
You don't need to travel long hours. 
You don't need to ask for a leave to take your father to the hospital. 
You don't need to tolerate the blah-blah of your scheming colleague. 
You also get 100% credit of a project.
You work alone. 
You need to bring in works. You have to make proposals. You have to do meetings.
You are solely responsible to finish a job on time. You have to work day and night if there is a hurry or emergency. 
There is financial uncertainty. The client can defer your payment or run away with paying.
And most dreadful is your expertise is not needed in the market anymore.

The trending fashion of freelancing is for a determined, skilled and brave sole. If you are one, and if you are smart, and if your are intelligent, and if you are wise, you must catch the freelance bandwagon.

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