Be Your Boss, boss!

Friday, March 29, 2019

When you go solo in your career, you are the one person organization.
You can schedule and reschedule your work hours. YES.
You can accept and do the work you love and are good at. YES.
You are your own boss. YES.
You are your own boss. This is the most dreadful part of the freelancing career.
You make the rules.
You have to stick to them.
You have to be honest with yourself.
In a job, you take a French leave to celebrate the birthday of your girlfriend.
Someone in your office or your boss itself will your part of the work, if it is an urgent one.
You don't have such liberty in freelancing.
Or if you take such liberty and the work is delayed, you will answer to the client.
In office, you often don't know the client. The boss suffers then.
Self-discipline and higher level of motivation should be your long term partners of freelancing career.


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