Born. Tamed. Torn. Dead.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Nobody. No body can ever
You trust in yourself,
You trust in what you do,
You trust your skills, your strengths, your knowledge and your values.
That is rare.
You never trust yourself. You don't have believe in your beliefs.
That makes you weak. A coward. A loser.
You have been brought up in that way.
You have been taught to have trust in God, the leaders, your parents, your teachers, your boss...
You have been made a follower.
You have been taught to FOLLOW the rules, the customs, the teachings, the dharma, the religion.
You are not trained to be an individual. You have been made a sheep of a herd.
Your parents and your well-wishers want you to be safe. They told you to choose a life which is easy, which is streamlined.
You have seen people near you to follow the easy path.
Born. Tamed. Torn. Dead.
And you don't have that grit to choose a new path.


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