Dropping out is not an option for everyone.

Schooling is a system, at every stage, to introduce people to theories and already applied and tested practices.
We may bash it and be proud to announce and pronounce the dropping out the formal study. Yet it is mostly proven to be best knowledge dessimination process. Certificates are generally and widely accepted benchmarks of our worthiness to be accepted for a role.
I don't ever favour dropping out as an option.
You find many entrepreneurs who had given up studies, yet had achieved a greater success.
But I also found that they chose those people to help them who had MBAs, Doctorate, Degrees from prestigious renowned institutes.
And it is a reality.
Not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. Every entrepreneur needs some highly educated managers. Self motivation is good. Self education is also good. But these have some limits.
This world is made of grains, not of mountains. We drink water from the rivers, not of some seas.
This world is run by average people. Yes, it is governed by extraordinary people...
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