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Facebook Ads Are Powerful, If Advertiser is SMART.

Friday, March 08, 2019

In last 1.5 months, my one campaign  generated ₹27.7 for ₹1 spent on Facebook Ad Spent:
◾Ad spend=  ₹29,500
◾Revenue = ₹787,000
{ ₹107,000 (Reg)+₹680,000 (Adm)}
Calculate RoAS yourself...
And people doubt the Advertisement on Facebook. You gotta do it

Obviously the team and sales persons are doing brilliant job converting the leads.

2967 Leads
107 Registration- (Conv. 3.6%)
34 Admission- (34%)

And final numbers will change upside because the final show is scheduled for Dec. 2019.

I did it so economically because I had done the same campaign last year, too. The numbers were good even then: (THESE ARE APPROX. NUMBERS.)

In 7 months
Ad Spend= ₹115,000
Leads Generated= 121,000
Revenue= (550 Registrations=> 68 Admissions) ₹955,000
But the charges for Registrations and Admissions were EXACTLY HALF. The team was doing this FIRST TIME.

Now if you want to know the business, it is an event called Mr. and Miss. Capital by Delhi Cinema.

And continuity is the game changer.