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Getup and go to the mirror and...SMILE. SMILE. SMILE.

Saturday, March 02, 2019

I can control nothing but myself.
You can control nothing but yourself.
And it is tough, too.
Even then. I find it necessary
I have to control my fear.
I have to control my anger.
I have to control my frustration.
What about you? Can you control your fear, your anger and your frustration?
But these are powerful emotions, capable to overpower the positivity of personality.
You struggle, often loss.
You can win if you practice regularly.
You have to make positivity a habit.
And if you succeed once, you will repeat this easily.
Let it make a routine to get up and go to the mirror and...
Think that you are happy.
Say Good Morning to yourself.
Do it daily. Routinely.
And you will start loving yourself, your days, your life.
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