How to wish you a good morning!

Anger and Disgust, those are in my mind this morning.
This was a perfect happy cloudy morning. Got ready and started for my office. And I wanted to wish you a Very Good Morning. And announce something cheery.
But it turned eeirrrry.
In the auto rickshaw, a mother just slap slapped her kids, less than 2 years to keep her silent.
I felt anger. And disgust.
I gave that lady a hard stare.
Why do we want to control others?
Why do we want to teach our kids to behave in a certain manner?
Why do we use force to teach and train others?
Can't we use our soft skills?
Just believe in the power of persuasion and guidance. That will make you more effective.
I am happy today.
I bought 2 books by Gary Vaynerchuk yesterday. This will be a Give Away for April. Do you know the name of all Crush It books by @GaryVee?
Because the competition to win the book This is MARKETING by Seth Godin ends tomorrow. Only 0006 persons participated in that competition.
And I will choose one winner by a live lottery and courier on Saturday, the 16th March.
By buying books every month and then sending it to someone
I want to make new friends,
I want to help someone who really actually want to read a marketing book,
I want to inculcate the habit of reading in the newbies.

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