Love yourself, the most

Do you love yourself, the most?
Whom do you love, the most?
Every successful person on this earth has been loving only itself, the most.
That is a reality.
You name anyone-
the dharm gurus, the gurus, the inventors, the Kings, the Queens, and Politicians, the reformers, the business persons, the actors, the artists and
every other one,
they all were, are and will be the people
who love themselves, the most and
who work to get happiness for themselves.
They would tell you that they work for the welfare of the society. It is a lie.
They would say that they work for the development of their country. It is a lie.
They would say that they work to make the people realize the ultimate goal of life and the path to salvation. It is 100% a lie.
He would tell that he entertains and destresses the world with their acting, singing, dancing, game, play, poetry, jokes. He is 100% joking.
She would say that she works for the education and upliftment of the poors, the marginalizeds, the uneducateds. That is 100% false.
I can't claim that I love myself, the most. Because I am not successful, let alone super successful.
But I am convinced that the super successfuls from the above list are those who love themselves, the most.
Because no one can be super successful if it doesn't love itself, its craft, its beliefs, its thoughts, its body, its ideas.
Success is costly. You have to make sacrifices. You have to barter less important for the most important. So you choose yourself for all other things. You decide to give up everything for your conviction and your salvation.
When you say you work for your country, actually you work for your love for your country.
When you say you work for the welfare of your society, you actually work for your love of your society.

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