Happy Holi! Live And Let Live in Harmony.

The world is made of sets and subsets- as bigger as you can think and as smaller as you can define.
We Individuals are elements of the different types of sets which are subsets of other sets and it goes on and on.
As the largest set is so vast that the individual elements seem to be insignificant. Due to this insignificance, discontent, displeasure and disaffection rises within ourselves.
That has created the imbalance in everyone's life and non-life. The confusion, it has created due to the continued expansion of the number of sets and subsets.
As the knowledge was limited and information was scarce, the life of a common man was simple.
They had one family, extended family to be responsible to.
They had one society to set the norms.
They had one motherland.
They had one king to be loyal to.
They had one religion to practice.
In short, they were being governed by a simple set of rules of their some sets. That was easy.
Everything changed. As the access to information and knowledge became easy and cheap.
We get one more new information and became a part of a new set. We became more knowledgeable about the political or religious or social or economic rules.
We became elements of many new sets. We also left some older sets.
Definition of roles changed. Definition of rules changed.
There are so many sets and subsets that it is hard, almost impossible to maintain balance. To live and let live in harmony.
HOLI. The festival of holi, for me, gives only one message- LIVE AND LET LIVE IN HARMONY.

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