I am not Pessimistic, Not I am a pseudo-optimist.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

People accuse me of pessimism.
Because I wrote-
नन्हा सा दिया हूँ, बुझ भी जाऊं तो क्या?
मेरी कलम रुक जाती है
लगता है
शब्दों के बाण
कविता का मलहम
या गीत के सरगम
बदल नहीं सकते
तुझे, मुझे या उन्हें
न आत्मा, न परमात्मा
न भूत को, न भविष्य को...
काव्य कहाँ से प्रस्फुटित हो
हृदय में यदि रेगिस्तान बसा हो!
जठराग्नि से पीड़ित तन-मन में
और-और का शोर मचा हो!
I am not a pessimist. But I am not an ostrich with its head sunk in the earth and assuming that -"All Is Well".
I am not a pseudo-optimist.
If you accept the darkness, you would light a candle.
If there is poverty, you will work to remove it.
If there is corruption, someone will make systematic changes to rein it.
We have to accept the negativity, wrongdoings, cruelties, dishonesty of this world.
To change the world.
To make the world a better place to live.
The world has shrunk to individual. And individuals are weak. They are mentally oppressed community. They know they can't fight. So they don't want to accept there are more bad things.
I know I am not strong. But I believe that if I see something which makes me hopeless, I will tell it, I will tell the world about it.


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