Do You Own Your Business!

Friday, March 29, 2019

I talk to 3-4 business owners in a week. Some are my friends, some are my prospects and some are just linked on a social media platform.
We discuss business, we discuss marketing and we discuss the expansion plan of their businesses.
Because I am into online advertising, I need to know their mindset towards the business.
15 to 20% of them care for their businesses.
Rest 80% only care for the profit or revenue.
It is a fact that businesses are run for profit. For revenue. And for expansion.
Any business is set up by only 1 or 2-3 people. What happens to the business depends on their mindset or approach.
You can do business.
You can own a business.
DOING A BUSINESS is for the VPs, Managers, Salespersons and other salaried employees. Their focus is on profit. The margins. The numbers. The RoI.
If your approach is the same (80%), your business is going to evaporate in some years. You will invest your time, money and efforts, and you will extract all the profits from the system. You will run behind the short term gains and you will compromise the basic vision and mission of the business establishment.
OWNING A BUSINESS is for the business owner, the founder, the partner, FOR YOU. You care for the foundation, the build-up, the health, the brand, the credibility. You care for bringing up, build up and the legacy.SUGGESTED READ:

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