Smiling Up

Today I woke up early. Went to the balcony with a cup of hot coffee in my hand.
The morning was laughing. Dressed in bright yellow sunlight. Fresh as just bathed glamdoll without any makeup. Cool morning breeze.
Smile came on my lips.
There, down in the empty expansion of the land, a cute kid was playing with her 'the cutest doggie'. She was running holding the strap of the doggie double her size. She just stumbled down.
I aahed.
She stood up fast. Examined that nobody was watching. Smiled broadly. And ran after the dog.
Now that scene will stay in my mind. And I will smile many a time throughout the day. Till something hit my mind- a fall, a failure, a boss, neglect or a disrespect!!!
And that will wipe out the simple reason to smile. And the dark cloud of negativity will hover over my mind till I sleep.
It happens. It happens with me. It happens with you.
The devil wins. We surrender to Him.
Don't surrender to negativity.
Forcefully fight with the devil.
And my only weapon for the fight against this devil is a smile.
A smile can kill the negativity hovering over your days and life. As the beast runs away from the fire. The devastating devil can't bear a smiling soul.
Practice smiling...
Wake up, get up and SMILE UP
{1: a facial expression in which the eyes brighten and the corners of the mouth curve slightly upward...
2: a pleasant or encouraging appearance.}*
And don this smile throughout the day.
You smile, the life smiles.
*Merrium Webster


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