Try baby or cry baby!

I always, almost daily tell my 3 years old daughter that she is a try baby, not a cry baby.
When she can't open her pencil box.
When she can't remove her sweater.
When she can't read something.
Even when she cannot hit a ball to the wall.
For her, I am her hero. And she wants to do everything as easily as I can.
And if she can't, she becomes sad.
I don't want to tell her that she is young, eventually, she would do it.
That will draw a limiting circle around her, her attitude and her personality.
I want her to TRY.
I want her to FAIL.
I want her to GO ON TRYING.
This will, for me, make her a fighter.
Understanding the value of trying is a triumph in itself.
Sometimes she succeeds.
Otherwise, I guide her to do it properly.
Her belief in herself and in his father remains INTACT.


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