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Understand the mindset of your target customers

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

I have Rs. 1265 in my pocket.
I go to a footwears shop.
I want to buy a pair of slippers.
I can spend Rs. 1000.
The salesman shows me a simple pair of chappals. It costs Rs. 150.
I think I can spend slightly more. I ask for some other.

Then he shows me a printed one for Rs. 369. He tells me that it is very durable, at least 3 years. I think I would fed up wearing one pair for 3 years.

Next, he offers one which is strong, has better design and feels comfortable. It costs Rs. 430. Now I think about my use of a pair of slippers. I use them for roam in my home at night till morning on week days and weekends. Why spend Rs. 500 for this?

So I select the first one of Rs. 150.
Just then comes a salesgirl. She takes out one packet from the rack. She tells me- 'Sir, this pair will suit you. It is a newly launched product by Brand BBB and after 50℅ discount, it costs Rs. 513 only. You can also put on this for a walk to a park or near by shopping centre.'

This helps me to calculate and understand the worth of this pair at this price. And I readily make the purchase.
A good salesman not only understands his product but also recognizes the mindset of his customers. Empathetically highlight the usability factor of a product for a specific customer. That makes a sale easy.