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Make a Good Handshake

Friday, March 22, 2019

Relationship- chemistry between 002 people that can be felt by the 002 and others stimulates and runs this world.
Understand this.
Gone are the days when we used to sense platonic relationships.
In personal life, the father and son used to respect and regard each other but never showed it.
In college, the guy and the gal used to read and fell the love in each other eyes but never expressed it. And they never culminated that to a relationship.
In offices, we used to wish a good morning and the boss, slightly shaking his head to revert but never really made a strong connection. That was a very formal - working in the same place type- thing.
Now it is the time when time is scarce.
We don't feel. We don't respect. We don't know anything automatically.
We don't have time to sense any silent emotion.
Everything is loud, louder.
We have to tell that we love.
We have to tell that we respect.
We have to tell that we are a team.
We have to tell that WE MEAN IT.
We have to tell that we are empathetic towards someone's problem.
We have to tell that we can solve something.
To stay in a relationship, we have to be loudly expressive, in any way- in writing, in sound, in touch...
Routinely. Frequently. Honestly. Strongly.
In personal life. In professional life.
🤝 Make strong handshakes with your boss, colleagues, clients, customers, friends...
Long and strong handshakes show your confidence, your genuinity, your