Because money is a source of happiness

Money may not be happiness but money is, certainly, a medium of happiness. So don't ever despise money. Don't hate money and money makers.
Money is very liquid. It can easily come in and go out. It likes to change hands. Frequently.
The world laughs upon the poor. Because he cannot eat good food. Because he cannot afford a car. Because he cannot have the things which come with a high price tag.  Because he cannot live a life of richness.
The same world worships and envies altogether a person who generates money fast. This is a fact and everyone knows this.
A person who is poor because he is failed can attain enlightenment in a second and become rich. That moment comes in everyone's life.
The moment you recognize your skill and quality, the unique quality that is saleable, you become the so-called successful, rich and honorable member of society.
So don't hesitate to market and sell your skills. It has value. That value is justified when it gives you the status of a successful person. Generate money. Earn money. Hoard money.
It is upon you- "you earn money selling your skills or let others generate money buying your skills".


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