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Become 'They'

Friday, April 26, 2019

Do you know
how much they have lost,
how much they have struggled and
how much they have sacrificed to
Become What They Are!
It is easy
To question their authority,
To criticize them for their deeds,
To punish them for their failures,
To despise their positions...
It's never easy to
Become What They Are.
We all want to be 'Them'
We will not do What They Have Done;
Because we are not what they are,
Because we can't be 'They'.
Because to Become 'THEY'
It's necessary & inevitable
To have a daring personality
Who gamble hard,
Who invest everything,
Who can jump into a unknown depth
Who can jump high to infinity.
They see the ultimate
They know the loneliness along the path and ready to be alone.
We who are not THEM
Can't see the BIG PICTURE.
We can't look beyond our limits,
We are caged in our boundaries
And we don't want to open fly.