Can This Blog be ranked for my name Neeraj Kumar

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Today I was just checking Google SERP and found that this blog is ranking for 'stronglyours' and 'Strongly Yours'.
Good. I am happy because these two are very common words and is used extensively in blogs and otherwise. But yes, never these were used togather. And these are least searched words, too.
Can I NOW rank for Neeraj Kumar?
Very tough.
It is a very popular name in India and the SERP is already occupied by Neeraj Kumar, IPS and other people.
But I can. I can sure.
In one month.
I have to make a plan. A robust SEO plan.
I have to make 1 page about myself on the blog. It is the second step. First step is to change my social media profiles to NEERAJ KUMAR ( I had changed it to stronglyours, sometime back).
And I have to start use comments with my name linking to the page.
And I have to somehow link every blog pages to the page.

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