Employees are the most essential part of your business

If you run a business, you have some employees. They work for you, and you pay them. This is a universal design of business- small and big.
The owners invest money. Generally.
They buy the services of other people. At their offices. Because a business has many division of works- production, promotion, management, sales, marketing, accounts etc. You hire different people to do one and many works. They have some levels of expertise in some fields.
They all are essential parts of the system which is that business headed by you.
The relationship between them and you should be of mutual understanding. Both should respect the importance of cowork to achieve the goal of the business. No one is lesser. Everyone contribute according to their capability and assigned duty.
Coming back to the previous part, the relationship is not balanced in most cases.
Employers assume that a employee has no other option but to work there or a similar setup.
Employees have a general enmity towards the employers. They are perceived to do nothing but enjoy the outcome of all employees labour.
This is breaking the system. Many businesses are failing fast. People are choosing independent professions.
This is a very scary situation. The world can't run with small businesses. Big success stories are written with numerous small stories.

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