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To try, to fail, to fall X3

Monday, April 01, 2019

Don't give up. You failed in Mathematics. Go, take tution.
Complementary examination is in September.
Or better. Take your time and appear next year.
You failed. You are not made for business. No one in our family has ever done business or trade. You don't have that skillet and you don't have the capital to invest.
Get a job. A job gives the necessary security we all need.
That is society.
If you can own your failures, I urge you to take that strange step. And take that step early in your life. Give yourself time to try, to fail, to fall X3. And then rise as Phoenix.
You have to run against the wind.
You have to break many hearts.
You have to crush many wishes.
Be everything you need to GET SUCCESS AT YOUR TERMS.