Internet power is hugely underestimated

It is time of internet and social media. People on internet celebrate knowledge, experience and character.
Yet less than 1% of world population actually understand the power of Internet.  It is individualistic. It gives independence.
Internet came. It brought knowledge, information, entertainment and ease of communication to your reach. Unrestricted flow of data. Anyone with a device suitable to use internet has access to everything online.
Then came mobile and mobile internet. Cheap handheld devices and affordable fast internet.
Democracy in knowledge.
In the meantime, some ultra smart individuals and few businesses started to understand the marketing and advertising scope through internet. They grew leaps and bounds.
Rightly so.
Such is the power of internet that in next 2 generation, the division of office and home will blur.
You will not need to travel to reach your office daily. You won't need to spend 25x9 hours in office. You won't need to travel 3-4 hours watching youtube.
It is coming.
It has come already. For hard working, self respecting and smart people. They are already working from home or from a place near their home. And they are massively successful.
And now will follow, the people who hate their jobs. They will leave their jobs and would start working independently.
The trend will grow.
to be continued...

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