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Look Amazing on Social Media

Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Never ever in the history of mankind the looks of a person mattered the way, it does of late.
It is the Social Media Age.
We almost share images and videos daily. We get a lot of viewership. And we crave for impressions, likes, comments...
The genNow spends it's pocket money on its looks and dresses and shoes...
They are newage celebrities. They have followers. Some are online influencers already.
It is good.
And we should...
Follow them.
Copy their style.
Practice their lingo.
We Should Be Camera-ready 24X7.

And you should be image conscious. Watch how you widen your eyes or how you raise your heavy eyebrows and how you smiles in a public place.
You don't know when someone clicks a pic of you and shares as a meme. And you will be a national laughing stock in no time, tounge hanging out.
No. No. No. Don't panic.
You don't need to visit a parlour weekly or a gym daily. You just need to be aware of your pose, your poise and your hairdo, your facial expressions, your hand movement etc.
Look fresh. Look fit. Look fabulous.