Mad for money, I am sure.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

I am mad.
My madness has taken me to the level I am. My madness has given me the recognition  I have.
I take the path no one has taken.
It has risk but it also has immense opportunity.
That is an unexplored world. And there are hidden possibilities.
This attitude made me a failed entrepreneur. That attitude made me a unsuccessful marketer.
I never believed in one night success stories. That is temporary similar to one night affairs. That is the demand of the moment, not the demand of your life. I trust in long term relationships, be it personal or professional. And I am ready to accept failures.
When I started freelancing, I did not know how to manage ,a client. Some clients fled away without paying even the Google AdWords bill. And they also renounced me a novice. I could not handle that blow.
But now I know what is my worth. Now I know that I am affordable and I can convince people with my process, with my performance.
I can guarantee a business 4-10 times RoI. Hence I charge double than a novice. I justify my charges.

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