Rediscover Yourself

You get older and you also grow smarter. So don't HATE age.
AGED is not equal to decayed, faded, shadowed.
With age, you have acquired experience and knowledge. You can use 🎇 them and start a new journey. AND BE SUCCESSFUL.
Time has changed and changed the way we live, communicate and celebrate.
It is time of internet and social media.
People on internet celebrate knowledge, experience and character.
It is the limitless medium. You can rediscover your passion and publicize it and become a celebrity.
You were a Md. Rafi in your college; start making your videos and publish them on YouTube, Facebook.
You loved teaching mathematics, go online solving textbook questions.
You read a lot of books; go online reviewing the books and give suggestions what to read this weekend.
You are a stock broker, make a blog and analyze shares, stock market and the trends.
You will be amazed.
Slowly people will discover you.
They will be entertained. They will be educated. They will be helped.
By your content. By you.
And they will follow you.
They will respect your quality. They will tell their friends and family.
You will slowly become a celebrity.
There is no age bar on internet world. Nobody is no one here.
It is time to Explore yourself. It is time to Rediscover Yourself. It is time to reborn.

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