Sustainable SEO

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

I started my Digital Marketing Journey with blogging and SEO. Long time ago. I loved SEO.
It was fun. But it was primitive.
The search engine optimizayion landscape changed in a drastic way since then. Search Engine have come a long way. They grew smarter. They grew stronger. They have become intelligent.
When I joined as a Digital Marketer in Corporate Professional, the experts of SEO were winning the game stuffing keywords in pages (even making keywords variations invisible in blank spaces), generating backlinks from linkfarms and weird websites.
Experts were selling 1st page ranks for 5 to 10 keywords. Even optimizing 4-5 pages for 1 keyword.
Or homepage ranked for 6 keywords.
If I were doing SEO that time that way for a Digital Marketing company, I would have started the on page SEO of Homepage as
<title> Best Digital Marketing Company, India| Digital Marketing Company in Delhi
<description> Digital Marketing Company, Digital Marketing Agency, SEO Company, AdWords Company, PPC company, Social Media Agency, SEO, SMO, SEM, Link building, Google SEO, Bing SEO, Yahoo SEO etc.
Then In footer, I will have made a section listing these phrases:
Best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi, India | Best Search Engine Optimization Company in Delhi, India | Best Google AdWords Company in Delhi, India | Best PPC Company in Delhi, India | Best Social Media Company in Delhi, India | Affordable PPC Company in Delhi, India | Best Internet Marketing Company in Delhi, India (and many more similar phrases, because Google, the search engine was illiterate; and we did not want to leave money on table, you know).
Then all the images would have names like 1.jpg, 2.jpg or img1.jpg, img2.jpg and all would have alt tag as company name or all the phrases above in the description.
I am just telling this in respect of 95% Indian SEO experts.
Simply the SEO was fat, bulky.
We were doing SEO for the website, not for pages or services.
Give your attention to the footer phrases which were same in all pages.
More laughable was the practice of linking homepage one more time from all other pages with the most important key phrases of those page.
I was the novice one. I came into this field because  internet and digital marketing attracted me. I learnt everything by reading Guides by Google and Blogs of the best.
I did not sustained the competition to rank the keywords for others. For me, the method was illegal and unethical. Because Google and the veterans never supported these kind of practices. This SEO method was not sustainable.
What is sustainable SEO, then?
Sustainable SEO is a well thought out planned and structured website with all pages sufficiently strong to rank for the keyword, key phrase or the answer it provides.
The website should be listed automatically in directories and lists.
People genuinely find the content on the webpages and articles valuable. And share the parts, link and refer them contextually in their content.
Such website will never lose its relevancy and will never go out of search engines result pages.
More on the sustainable SEO later. I will explain my SEO strategy in that post.
For now, I say many people are following that 10 years old SEO basics even today. Because they don't understand the very basic of SEO. Search Engines wish to provide the exact answer of a question or the best solution to a problem. And we SEOs have the duty to provide those answers and those solutions to the search engines in words, in images, in videos or in sound.

PS. I will edit this page and more content. First time on this blog that I thought to write a long article.

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