The known unknown faces

Thursday, April 18, 2019

We all recognise many faces, which are actually unknown.
Known as we see them regularly but unknown because we don't even know who they are, what they do etc.
During my college days when I used to travel by bus and walk 1 km to institute. My time was fixed.
Generally i used to take same bus and other passengers were mostly same. We never talked to each other but knew where they would come in and where they would get off.
Then the people who were going to the opposite direction, some of them were also the same.
We just looked to each other and sometimes even smiled. Strangely I became so habitual of their presense that whenever I was early or late, I would not find them
and even missed them. They in a way became the known-unknown faces for me.
I am sure this would have happened to you all and some i-care-for-my-around type have felt the same way.
Now too this happens and happens more often; but who cares!
We all are running towards
don't-know-which-destination and missing such attachments.
It is deathly strange that in this
overpopulated city we don't know or don't want to know our next door neighbours.
Life has become self centred. We only value the presence of a person who is beneficial to us, in any way.

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