Today I am absent.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

I have decided to write 365 candid posts for 1 year. I have kept that promise. Since then. Since 30th January 2019.
Today I thought what if I missed 1 post. Today's post.
I have no answer. Honestly.
May be I will post one article tomorrow. Maybe I won't.
Discontinuity destroys a pattern. Even if rest is done, the pattern is broken. It is never complete. It is never invaluable.
I dare not miss one post. It is so easy to just start writing. Anything. Randomly. Casually. Candidly.
If I am not writing for traffic. If I am not writing to rank on Google.
And you know... The beauty of Search Engines is that-
I am ranking for site name even when it is a combination of very common words.

Strongly yours

Check if is ranking on page 1!!!😊


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