how many times in a day do YOU SMILE?

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Can you tell me how many times in a day YOU SMILE?
If you can tell, you are AMAZING.
If you can't, you have to work upon your life. I am sadly sure you are a very dissatisfied, disliked, disturbed person.
I can suggest you grow a habit of a smile.
Go to a mirror, daily several times.
Smile and Note down somewhere.
Increase this number one by one.
You will feel BETTER in 1 month because your personality will change to PLEASANT.
People will start LIKING YOU.
People will LOVE to hang out with you.
People will respond to your wishes.
People will SMILE BACK.
Moreover, you will start loving yourself, your life, your work, your friends and family.
You will be satisfied with whatever you have.
You will be able to positively handle every situation.
A smiling face is always the winner's face. A smiling face makes one's personality attractive. Smiles also create inner calmness.
The reason I suggest smiling forcefully because I have practiced a fake smile. And won many hearts with it.
You can win half first impression game even before you greet someone.


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