Don't Give Up by Utkarsh Arora, CEO and Founder of Revex Media

Even when you hit the rock bottom, there is still a significant chance that you will make it.

History is filled with hundreds of business case studies that started with the failure in the initial stage but lift up again with improvided product-market fit solutions to make billions.

FedEx: At one point, company funds got as low as $5,000 and now; $30 billion corporate giant

Evernote: Founder; Phil Libin, made the hard decision to shut the company down and now; a clear leader in terms of note-taking and organization software.

And, many more...

However, the story is not the only glory, more than 90% of startups really fail to lift up (it's a fact!) and only 10% or less makes the spot.

It doesn't mean the 10% successful businesses was never get pushed into the 90% category; they were definitely pushed, but there was a difference; they didn't give up.

Certainly, "Not Giving Up" made them the successful unicorns!

When we say "Not Giving Up" it doesn't mean endlessly doing the same thing, waiting for the miracle, instead, understanding the market, learning from the mistakes and being agile.

If you are the one thinking to give up, lock the doors and think why is it not working and what else you can do and then trust your institution and #STARTAGAIN :)



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