I felt like cowdung. Today.

Wednesday, May 01, 2019

My worst fear came true in last 7 days.
I got 4 new Advertising works.
Two of them is really big.
And the other TWO are my personal responsibility.
Shame on me. I am devastated. I am ruined. Mentally.
I thought I will just write- 'I am sad' and post that here. No real post.
My sadness can't be a reason of breaking the routine. Should I do nothing and mourn on my failure?
Better I do a reason finding exercise here...
1. The work didn't allow me time to research and plan. And I accepted them. Downloaded some free images and wrote ad copies... And started.
Zip, zap, zoom.
And they all boomeranged.
2. In last 15 months, I ignored reading, learning. From the authority sites and experts. No Google, Facebook, Hubspot videos. So self education.
It cost me a million.
I am missing something.
And that is the problem.
So I have to work upon myself. Honestly.
I felt like cowdung. Today.
Time passed. I feel I can't retain these clients.
But I will try. I will try to look at them with another approach and buy some time.
One thing is sure.
I am going to unlearn and relearn Facebook Advertising. This month.
Wish me SUCCESS.

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