Invest in your appearance

Friday, May 03, 2019

Investing in yourself pays.
Not only in your education or skill development.
I am talking here about your appearance.
Your looks matter. Your accessories matter. What you carry to your office and how your carry reflect your personality.
Which laptop you use?
Do you wear wristwatch?
Do you don a suit to attend your client or you just walk in in a casual t shirt and jeans?
Are your black shoes polished and shining?
Do you borrow a pen to sign a contract? From a client.
Your language also attract and distract a person.
Do you call your laptop, a laptop or a lappie 😊!
Make sure to be properly dressed when going out. Make sure you have a good pen in your pocket. Make sure you draw out your visiting card easily.
Invest in your bag or a briefcase. Invest in your accessories. Travel in your car or a hired cab to your meetings.
These investments show your success. People love to work with successful people.
💐☺️And most importantly...
Wear a smile, a gentle smile always. It shows your confidence, your happiness and ultimately your success.
You can win half the battle with your pleasant personality.

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