React Rationally

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

You are a happier person when your approach towards people and life is rational and logical.
A logical approach gives you power of peace.
A rational mind thinks about the reason of an incident or the behavior of a person before reacting. It makes the reaction generally right.
Rationality comes with education and knowledge. But more importantly it comes with practice. And that is the tough thing to do.
Normally you are trained to react fast. To take an eye for an eye. You are not trained to listen. You are trained to speak loud. You are trained to be ahead.
Actually we all are sick. We are traumatized. We are low esteemed. We are hopelessly stuck in the dark history of destroyed self respect.
So we and you are in a haste, in a haste to take revenge... We don't want to be rational, or logical. We think if we listen patiently, they will overpower us. That makes us take steps in a haste. Without thinking about the reason of an action of a person. Without thinking about the consequences of our reaction against that action.
Think about it...

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