You know NOTHING even if you know a lot

Monday, May 06, 2019

Hundreds of my friends are Digital Marketing Experts, and I am not.
Should I regret? Should I feel inferior?
I don't.
Because no one can be an expert of a subject which is as vast as the seven seas.
Yesterday someone posted- "I have studied Facebook and am ready to run ads. Do you need my service?"
Someone replied - "I have a saloon. Please send an ad copy sample for my business. If I like, I will be your first client."
The Facebook expert asked- "What is ad copy?"
Don't be such a jerk.

You know nothing even if you know a lot.
Better be a
1. Facebook Ad Copy Expert
2. Google Ads Ad copy Expert
3. Facebook Ads image expert
And you will find your proper place in this world.

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