Delhi Star Kids DSK

I am doing Lead Generation Campaigns for #DelhiStarKids. We get interested parents of kids aged between 4yrs to 13 yrs fill the lead forms.
For less than ₹12/lead, we get 55 leads daily. And in any given month we generate more than 1600 leads. About 100 leads confirms for auditions by paying ₹1000.
Delhi Star Kids is a kids fashion carnival which is scheduled to happen in last week of December. Kids will participate in a proper fashion show and will get titles and prizes. The fee for final event is ₹20,000.
Last January, #DSK with less than 50 participants was a part of Delhi Fashion and Fun Carnival organized at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi. This year already 112 kids has been shortlisted and enrolled for the main Fashion Event that is #DelhiStarKids.
The space is booming because it not only provides a chance to work in fashion industry but also gives self-confidence, personality development and golden memories.
The team of #DSK has developed this Delhi Star Kids as a brilliant product. For ₹20,000, they provide more than 20 sessions to the participants and their parents in which experienced models and actors train them for ramp walk, photo and video shoots and social media branding. And then the final fashion show and competition in which kids get different types of fashion and branded dresses for the ramp walk.
Such events also provide a lot of branding and business opportunities for different types of companies. New fashion designers get a chance to showcase their creations. Kids brands get a boost in recognition by sponsoring such events. Then the event organizers, the event venue, choreographers, announcers and stage managers get businesses.
This is a win win business model of every associated professionals and businesses.
As an advertiser, we get business and inner satisfaction when a product promoted by us fulfill dreams of many people.

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