Grow your business with Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are too costly.
Facebook ads are too cheap.
Both statements are true. Half true.
Facebook ads are neither costly nor cheap.
When it is cheap, it is not effective.
When it is costly, it is being done wrongly.
Last week, I got a lead from a dentist. He is based in Sarita Vihar, Delhi and he wants to promote his dental clinic.
That is good.
Here is the catch.
He wants his all services on one landing page and be promoted. His logic is when someone interested in Dentistry lands on the page, he will choose one or another services.
I am still talking to him and trying to convince him to promote one service like teeth whitening or filling.
You know, I can work as he asks and prove that 'Facebook Ads are cheap' but it will be wrong. I always work for my satisfaction and the client's profitability.
The best way to promote your business on Facebook is to Advertise that one product (or service) which has mass appeal, which is affordable and which has a defined customer persona.
Think about it. You need to capture clients or customers. Obviously if you want to create a sustainable long term business. Think about ROI at the very first time. Start acquiring best converting clients/customers with paid promotion.
Teeth whitening and Dental implant are two services generally provided by on dental clinic. But they are very different in every manners. You can't run one advertisement to promote both the services.
Teeth whitening is affordable and appeals to people 18 to 44 years and is needed repeatedly in 1 or 2 years.
Dental implant is costly and generally needed by people above 45 years and seldom needed to be repeated.
Audiences are very different.
Audiences sizes are very different.
Cost of customer acquisition is very different.
The best way to really grow a business with help of Facebook Advertisement is to start with a simple affordable service and make your business profitable. Gain confidence, generate revenue and build reputation.
Then go for specialized services.
In such a way, you will never think in the line of cost. You will tell people that Facebook Ads are cost effective.
Stronglyours Neeraj

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