That Hard Knock

It was a summer evening. I came back from my school and was having some evening brunch.

Just then, dropped in Mahesh, my friend living in the next house, enquiring about the key of his house.

His mother daily used to go to nearby market to buy fresh vegetables and fruits. Moreover it had been an excuse for her going out. She always gave the keys of the main door to my mother.

My mother told him that his mother did not come today. So the key was not in our house.    

She might have forgotten to handover the key because she would come back soon.

My mother asked Mahesh to freshen up and offered him water and some fruit.

We waited for his mother but she did not returned. Usually Mahesh's father returned at 8 PM from office. We went out just 10 minutes before to wait for him.

There was no light inside Mahesh's house. It was strange. His mother used to switch on the tube light of front room.

I went to the door and put my hand hard on it.
The door was locked from inside. I knocked hard and Mahesh's mother came out with dozzing eyes.

She felt unwell, so took medicines and fell asleep that evening.


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