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1. 009 Hard Questions To Be Answered Before Starting A Freelancing Career

Freelancing is a new style of working. And so many youngsters are attracted to this option for obvious reasons. But... I think only 5% percent will survive in the long run. The most attractive facet of freelancing is the freedom from the discipline of office rules. Here you are the boss of yourself.

2. How Many Times In A Day Do YOU SMILE?

Can you tell me how many times in a day YOU SMILE? If you can tell, you are AMAZING. If you can't, you have to work upon your life. I am sadly sure you are a very dissatisfied, disliked, disturbed person. I can suggest you grow a habit of a smile. Go to a mirror, daily several times. Smile and Note down somewhere. Increase this number one by one.

3. Because Money Is A Source Of Happiness

Money may not be happiness but money is, certainly, a medium of happiness. So don't ever despise money. Don't hate money and money makers. Money is very liquid. It can easily come in and go out. It likes to change hands. Frequently. 

4. Do You Own Your Business!

I talk to 3-4 business owners in a week. Some are my friends, some are my prospects and some are just linked on a social media platform. We discuss business, we discuss marketing and we discuss the expansion plan of their businesses. Because I am into online advertising, I need to know their mindset towards the business. 15 to 20% of them care for their businesses. Rest 80% only care for the profit or revenue.

5. Take A Step Forward.

Take a step forward when you cannot decide in which direction you go. When you don't know your path. When you don't know your destination. Life is very complex and more complex is the life of a person. There are moments of irresolution and indecisiveness.

6. The Known Unknown Faces

We all recognize many faces, which are actually unknown. Known as we see them regularly but unknown because we don't even know who they are, what they do etc. During my college days when I used to travel by bus and walk 1 km to the institute. My time was fixed. Generally, I used to take the same bus and other passengers were mostly the same. We never talked to each other but knew where they would come in and where they would get off.

7. To Try, To Fail, To Fall X3

Don't give up. You failed in Mathematics. Go, take tuition. The complementary examination is in September. Or better. Take your time and appear next year. /// You failed. You are not made for business. No one in our family has ever done business or trade. You don't have that skill and you don't have the capital to invest. Get a job. A job gives the necessary security we all need. 

8. Entrepreneurship Is An Experiment.

Entrepreneurship is an experiment. You will success but it will take time. In the long run, everyone wins. Nobody loses. Some wins in a big way, some wins half. That is the beauty of life, also. No one gets equal results but generally all complete their journey. 40 Kids take admission in class 10. Some get 99%, some get 72%, some gets 43% and some gets 27%. Somebody fails because whoever could not get minimum marks, have actually got connections or love or learning.

9. Winners Make Rules.

Every game has some rules. And you should obey those rules to prove your mettle. But... Remember... Winners don't follow rules; they make rules. Find the loopholes and write your own rules and win the game. Understand this. Every winner, the real winner is a rule-breaker. Because he establishes himself, then redefine the game. And it is justified. It has always been. Because it is the winners' world.

10. Give Happiness A Second Chance

Life is a bunch of incidents which starts with your birth and ends with your death. Then there are the states of happiness and the sorrows. And they are moments- happy moments and sad moments. Accept both, own both. BUT... You have to practice elongating happy moments till next happy moments come;

11. Don't Surrender to Your Failures

You fail. You pass. Life goes on. But if you lose, you are dead. You have no life.  Success and Failure are your karmic situation. Both are the results of your work.

12. Sustainable SEO

I started my Digital Marketing Journey with blogging and SEO. A long time ago. I loved SEO. It was fun. But it was primitive. The search engine optimization landscape changed in a drastic way since then. Search Engine has come a long way. They grew smarter. They grew stronger. They have become intelligent. When I joined as a Digital Marketer in Corporate Professional, the experts of SEO were winning the game stuffing keywords in pages (even making keywords variations invisible in blank spaces), generating backlinks from link farms and weird websites.