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Winners make rules.

Every game has some rules. And you should obey those rules to prove your mattle. But... Remember... Winners don't follow rules; they make rules. Find the loopholes and write your own rules and win the game. Understand this. Every winner, the real winner is a rule-breaker. Because he establishes himself, then redefine the game. And it is justified. It has always been. Because it is a winners' world. --- Nobody falls from sky as a winner. Neither he, neither I, neither YOU. You develop yourself, learn the game and understand the rules, practice and then participate. Stay in the stadia. Start pushing others sidewise. Encroach upon others' spaces. Then confront the rulers. Fight with them, dethrone them. Push your rules. And destroy your predecessors. That is the rule of game. The field is yours. The definitions are yours. Because you are the winner. Stubborn are losers who keep following rules. Lawmakers are winners who keep rewriting the rules.

Be Positive

Positivity increases your energy. Positivity increases your power. Positivity increases your potential. Be positive. Positivity lies within you . Negativity comes from outside. Enjoy positive thoughts. Celebrate positive outcomes. Success or failure is parts of life. Don't lose hope. Remain positive and have faith in karma. --- It seems I am talking to myself today. May be. Because I am going to try something different, something big. I am motivating myself. I am encouraging myself. It is my way of life. I love myself. I have immense faith in my capabilities. I know I can achieve whatever I have decided. --- The affiliate marketing thing. Yes, I am gonna give it a try. With my website I have got the logo modified. It came out brilliant. You can check my Facebook page Agency For Ads. It is live since long. Go. Show some love.