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You are not an expert, i am not, too

There is no shortcut to success, mastery or knowledge. This is the most important and priceless teaching we should give to our younger generation. When I see 18 or 25 years old people declaring themselves as the expert of a stream, I find it hilarious. In the digital marketing space, everyone is an expert. Most of them have 1 or 2 years experience of running facebook ads or google ads, have some 2000+ friends and they know how to generate leads for small businesses. Does it make you an expert on  Facebook or Google Ads or lead generation? Experts are those who know the terminology, theories, and the methodology to apply them. They are well-read, well experienced and highly motivated. These self announced experts of digital marketing experts have devalued the digital marketing profession. 1. Everyone thinks that digital marketing is cheap. 2. Everyone thinks that digital marketing is swift. 3. Everyone thinks that digital marketing is easy. NO. Digital Market